It has pretty much rained all week. Along with sorting cupboards, doing DIY, and making jewellery for my upcoming craft fair I’ve also spent a couple of mornings upcycling old magazines into envelopes. The leather earrings I make are already backed onto decorative luggage tags which I cut using a die cut machine. The tags are ideal for display but still need a paper bag once purchased. I thought it would be a long and boring process to make a useful quantity of ‘bags’ but these are easy, fun and quick. It helped that Ella supplied me with a pile of magazines that have plenty of quirky full page photo’s.

I used an old C5 envelope and carefully prised it apart, then made a stiffer template using the cover of an old magazine. It’s just four folds and a dab of glue on two sides. To keep the envelope flap closed I have a random selection of small stickers, most of which have come free with something or other or were leftover from when the children were younger. Since I have the concentration span of a gnat I aimed to make just ten a day over ten days, in reality I’ve cut, folded and pasted half a dozen envelopes every time I find myself in the kitchen keeping an eye on a pan or waiting for my coffee to brew.


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