Things have been quite different at home lately. M has been working away for a month, coming home for weekends only. The first week was fun. I reacquainted myself with the television remote control. I binge watched Netflix series that he would rather have taken up knitting than watch with me. I went to bed when I felt tired, regardless of the time.

By the second week I’d had enough television so I dragged a brighter lamp next to the sofa in the evenings and started working on a long term blanket project (4mm hook, DK, zig zag trebles, what was I thinking?). By the third week I was awake at midnight scraping plaster off window frames, undercoating window sills, fitting under cupboard lighting strips, fitting cupboard handles and sorting out kitchen cupboards, and that’s when it suddenly occurred to me. This is my natural rhythm. I’m an evening person, a night owl. I do my best thinking, my best work when the sun goes down. Its the way it’s always been. When M and I got married I saw it as an anti social thing to do; to suddenly decide ten pm was the time I wanted to get up and paint the dining room.M starts a new court case next week, closer to home. The days will be long but he’ll be home for the evenings. I guess I’ll have to find a balance between cosy nights watching tv on the sofa and gently persuading him that I want to paint the dining room into the small hours!


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