With all the modern day talk of bucket lists and ‘you only live once’ I signed up for something completely outside my comfort zone. Pretty much outside my common sense zone too since my ears are faulty and artificial amplification does not seem to be an area of technology anyone has done much with. All that aside it was reasonably successful.

Tom Chaplin of Keane fame played at the Nottingham Glee Club. I had to do a crash course in intensive listening and learning so that I could make sense of the music being played live. It’s a difficult concept to explain but once I’ve watched the track being sung on YouTube say, with as much of the singer visible as possible, I can begin to tune into new music. Anyway, it was good, exciting stuff. The venue was small enough not to be too far away from the stage.

It was slightly surreal knowing that I first met Tom when he was about two years old and he was proudly showing off his own little patch of garden. My brother became very good friends with his older brother. His solo album, The Wave was the main feature but he also did several Keane tracks including Sovereign Light Cafe which never fails to make me feel homesick. There were some serious fans in the audience who knew all the words, punched the air with their fists, whooped and danced the night away. We were a little more restrained but we did buy a tour t shirt! Way to go!


2 thoughts on “Gig

  1. I watched him the other night on Jools Holland and thought how much he had ‘matured’ since being in Keane. Bet it was good watching him live.


    • Yes it was. He said it was about getting back to basics and doing smaller, more intimate venues. It was ideal for us and our seasoned concert and festival addict daughter enjoyed it too and said he sounded as good live as he does recorded which isn’t always the case apparently.


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