It’s turned cold here now. Thicker, warmer blankets have been thrown onto beds and sofas. The boiler has been temporarily patched up but could fail at any time (apparently). I’ve been out and about visiting random cities. I walk as if I know where I’m going. Casually observe the architecture of the town by looking above the shops. Purchase paperbacks that catch my eye from charity shops. Then finally, but most importantly, select a cosy coffee shop, buy a large coffee and totally tune out with my latest book. At least until M has finished at some court nearby. 

One of my favourite excursions of this kind involved walking from Hastings train station to the Old Town. I did know where I was going but I also looked like a tourist whilst reminding myself of the magnificent architecture of the seafront buildings. The destination was the Hanukkah Coffee House. Wall to wall books. Great coffee. I need to go home again, it’s been far too long.

I also need to find my crochet mojo again, it’s taken a back seat with all the jewellery making I’ve been doing lately. I’ve got two crochet projects to hand. A long term ripple blanket using up lots of random yarn and a mustard honeycomb hat for Ella. The hat is taking forever with only a row or two undertaken in any one sitting. I’ve also got a pressing deadline for the second pair of funky baby dungarees (see previous blog

I took Harvey and Riley to a new location for dog walking recently. Less muddy. Lots of lovely autumn scented leaves to run through. A clean, shallow ford to run up and down in just before jumping back into the car. They really didn’t want to leave. We love autumn!


4 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Sounds lovely to go alone and sit and read. To be able to suit yourself and not consider anyone else.
    Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. It’s a shame we can’t skip straight to spring and miss winter though. 😊


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