Have you ever lost a whole morning surfing for your next crochet project? I had a burning desire to use my lovely alpaca mix yarn from our Shepherd’s Hut break in Yorkshire earlier this year but it takes a while to fit the yarn to a pattern. It’s much easier to find the pattern and buy the yarn, but who doesn’t like a challenge?

Whilst looking for a certain loose leaf pattern I came across my small collection of Erika Knight for John Lewis patterns and a half finished pair of cable and rib mitts. I know I’ve mentioned these patterns several times before and I don’t even consider myself a knitter anymore. Crochet is so much easier on the wrists. I just seem drawn to knitting every now and then and these are my ‘go to’ patterns, as they say in the States. Simple, reliable and effective designs. Easily substituted yarn. I started with the slouchy hat patterns and made several of these for the children and myself. I’ve made only one striped cowl to date but it’s a definite contender for my Yorkshire wool. I’ve lost count of the number of chunky wrist warmers I’ve made. I couldn’t resist adding the slouchy cardigan to my collection but the yarn will have to be a sale bargain. It requires 8-10 balls of super chunky and the yarn substitution will have to be carefully worked out.

So, the half finished pair of mitts I know were intended for E. She’s got such tiny hands compared to mine. I’m pretty sure I went down a whole needle size to make the first mitt. How blooming stupid not to leave the needles with the project or at least a note! It’s not the first time I’ve done this. Fingers crossed.

I’m really proud of the way she held out and insisted she didn’t want to go off to university this year for the simple reason that she didn’t know what she wanted to do. It’s been hard knowing all her friends are at uni and she perceives that they are having a great time. I’m not so sure they all are. She had a number of options lined up for her ‘gap year’ including an Art course, charity volunteer work, going full time at her current part time place of work and a teaching assistant apprenticeship. As luck would have it she chose the latter and says that not only does she look forward to going every single morning, she’s actually sad when she has to leave. One of her pupils was absolutely aghast that she wasn’t going to see Ella for a whole week due to half term. Another little boy, whose Mum was late picking him up one day, said he didn’t really mind and that he would quite like to go home and live with Ella. She told me later that would have been absolutely fine with her!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had major woes over the ucas application that will take her from this course to qualified primary school teacher but as a Mother I’m stuck with having to overlook all that! In the meantime she’s even enjoying standing out in the playground in sub zero temperatures with an arctic wind chill factor and supervising play times. So I’m going to rattle off these mitts asap, even if they do turn out to be slightly different sizes!


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