It looks like there will be a handmade touch for Christmas after all. I was all for giving myself the year off aft last year’s frenzy with hats! These mitts are fun and useful and there’s just enough time, despite the fact that I will have to pace myself because it’s knitting and not crochet. As much as I love crochet, and yes you can achieve cables in crochet, I really like these chunky cables in knitted form.

The two pairs to the left of the group photo were made in super chunky. The variegated pair were made in chunky as per the pattern. Let’s not get too boring or technical here but the first pair in super chunky were a happy accident. I made several more in super chunky after that and the sizing for medium to large adult hands came out just fine with no need for smaller needles. I prefer these wrist warmers in superchunky for a thicker, warmer mitt even though they don’t tuck well underneath coat sleeves!

The green/blue pair are a whole needle size down but still far too big for Ella’s smaller hands. Her loss is my gain, I might keep this pair for myself! So, the dilemma of trying to produce a really small pair… I couldn’t see size 4.5mm needles working with superchunky wool so I’ve cast on with a generous chunky yarn instead. The pattern calls for 6.5mm for the ribbing and 7mm for the rest so I’m using two sizes down from those. Fingers crossed again, I hope this is closer to the right size because I know she will like this yarn.

Oh and just in case you think it’s all fun and games here… this is my twice daily task… not fun!


6 thoughts on “Fun

  1. I am trying to churn out hand knits for chrimbly pressies, I know only knit or crochet for those who appreciate it. A few years ago I decided that I would do handmade for everyone and nearly killed myself doing it! Only to have a select few actually appreciate the effort and the rest looking perplexed or bemused that the scarf/hat/mitts/lapghan or what ever had no designer labels or washing instructions! Your mitts look gorgeous, I might, if I have time (always a thorn in my side!) give them a try. We are a mitt-wearing family 🙂
    As for dogs and muddy feet, we have an old towel at the back door for those popping-in-to-the-garden-for-a-piddle moments, but our proper daily leg stretches require similar strong arm tactics 🙂


    • I know what you mean. I hadn’t even thought of washing instructions. No doubt there will be a few shrunken hats from last year! I originally made the hats for the love of making them and also the chance to have a funny family photo. This year I will see if these mitts can be made more manly and just make them for the love of creating without too much stressing over whether they will get used. We also have a fenced off back door area with a steady supply of old towels. What I really want is an automatic dog foot washer of some kind. Let me know if you hear of one! 😉


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