A small window of opportunity to travel has come up. I recently found a £3 vintage vanity case in plain black which is ideal for me as they are mostly a bit girly. Quite why these fell out of fashion I don’t know. I’ve chucked everything in there including a hair dryer and a novel and there is still plenty of room leftover. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the £3 vintage suitcase which has been with me since my student days.

Of course, packing those two pieces of luggage is nowhere near as important as packing the right crochet or knitting! I’ve managed to squidge the wrist warmers project and a new project into my sunshine bag. I probably won’t get as far as the new project but that will depend on the weather. I’m secretly hoping for biting cold wind and rain so that I have the perfect excuse to settle in front of the inglenook fireplace and knit! Gotta love last minute booking online for a cheap hotel deal!

I’ve introduced M to the latest buzz word; Hygge. It took him a while to marry the spelling to the pronunciation but he got there in the end. As for the meaning, well we are still working on that. For instance, I’ve explained that lighting a candle in a freezing cold room and watching repeats of ‘How it’s Made’ is not hygge! A cosy log fire, a good book and a glass of wine might just be getting there!

The wristwarmers finally look as though they will be a better fit for E. I love the flecked oatmeal yarn and lighter colour means being able to knit in poor evening light for longer! The new project will be a gift for a second set of twins being born early next year. The first set is on M’s side of the family, due in December, boys. The second set are on my side of the family, due in February, one of each. How exciting! We probably won’t see much of either set but I will still enjoy the knitting or crochet. Everyone has different tastes but I really loved the hand knits E and J received when they were babies, long before I could knit myself. Anything hand made was carefully stored away for future grandchildren!

It looks like I could be a representative for Erika Knight patterns for John Lewis doesn’t it? We don’t live close to a branch so I ordered this little lot online along with a few Christmas gifts and had it delivered to my local Waitrose. It was incredibly quick, 48 hours. I love the colour ways of these hat and leg warmer sets on the pattern leaflet but decided to go traditional with pinks and blues knowing that the Grandma-to-be has knitted cardigans in pink and blue. I just hope they are as simple to make as they look. I’d rather be crocheting!


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