Our Buckinghamshire trip morphed into one that included a brief London adventure. One day in London was more than enough for me. I was glad to get back to our cosy pub/hotel in Aylesbury for an evening by the fire and a large glass of wine. We wandered along Oxford Street wth no particular shopping plan in mind. The lights were far more interesting. How many lights on the House of Fraser building? John Lewis next door was similarly lit up. It all seemed ridiculously big and bright.

Slightly overwhelmed we ducked into a side street which just happened to be an ideal escape for a quiet lunch and a spot of shirt buying for M. I would totally hate the personal shopper approach but M likes to buy shirts that way. They kept running ties by me as though I was the colour expert all of a sudden. Five double cuff shirts and a selection of coordinating ties later and that’s M’s business clothes sorted for another year or so.

Of course M insisted on dragging me into John Lewis afterwards for some wool therapy even though I insisted that there was nothing I needed or wanted! Funny how a pattern and some yarn caught my eye whilst M was perched on a stool in the shape of a giant cotton reel, waiting patiently and looking like something out of Alice in Wonderland. In fact there were plenty of men studying knitting patterns and holding up yarn for consideration. I suggested M should try a basic garter stitch scarf in manly colours but he politely declined.

After that rather predictable shopping outcome (always shirts and yarn) we headed off to Covent Garden, by bus so as to see more of the lights. We had a pleasant stroll round there including far too long watching some opera (my ears really can’t cope with opera but unfortunately M loves it). Delicious Italian food in another quiet little side street and then a long and boring tube journey clutching our yarn and shirts on our laps on an overcrowded train.

Our cosy pub hotel for three nights proved ideal for relaxing evenings. I managed to finish Ella’s oatmeal wristwarmers. The last few rows of which were done by candle and fire light since we had a power cut in the village. It was noticeable how conversation was so much more plentiful after the power cut and fewer people were using the free wifi.


2 thoughts on “Lights

  1. Not that I’ve been down to London for a few years but I remember feeling overwhelmed by the ostentatious festive lights display with each major store competing to drain the national grid. However your candle lit and wifi free pub sounds a more than brilliant alternative 🙂


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