These are so dinky! They have been pretty quick to work up. It’s a straightforward pattern and the main stitch used is half trebles. The yarn is Vision by Stylecraft which I had two balls of, it’s very soft and lovely to work with. The ‘brief’ given was for very colourful or multi coloured dungarees for twin boys and knowing the mum-to-be I feel confident that she will love them.

Rather annoyingly I spotted a better way to do the straps after I’d finished the first pair of dungarees and sewn the straps on. For the second pair I’ve created a three row strap with a half treble row in the centre which is ideal for slipping the button through wherever it fits best in the shoulders. I tried a front pocket just for extra detail but it didn’t look right against the random striping. Less is more.

I’m hoping there’ll be enough for two tiny beanies with the remaining yarn but failing that I will probably make a Pom Pom garland. The babies are due in December. Such a bad month to have a birthday so my two never fail to keep reminding me!


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