Two days of non stop rain followed by three days of cold, crisp, sunny weather. I didn’t mind the rain at all. It was the perfect excuse to cafe crawl, both old favourites and a few new ones too. Nothing like being warm and cosy in The Jericho Cafe with a large coffee, a good book and a view of cyclists getting wet!

I used to go and watch art house movies in The Phoenix Picture House simply because they were usually foreign and had subtitles. It’s where I fell in love with French films. Nonetheless I was quite happy to see that they now do the popular films of the moment because I was able to go and see an evening subtitled performance of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So stuff you Odeon, and your day time, week day offerings. Being able to go in the evening means being able to go with family. Oh and while I’m at it, tell your spotty little youth not to try and justify the lack of ‘accessible’ films because ‘people find the subtitles distracting’. Clearly empathy is not a word he knows the definition of yet.

Having time to myself without the usual distractions of home made for quite a reflective week. It seems a huge amount of time has passed since I lived in Oxford. It’s quite difficult to deal with that. They were happy times but things change and I’m now used to quieter roads and fairly quiet cities. Oxford is the tourist trap it always was. One thing I feel sure about though, is that I’d be extremely unhappy if I had to stay in this part of the country forever. A wise man once said I was a fish out of water here. He was right.

So what did I come home with? A whole load of books and a few Beast goodies for Christmas stockings!


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