Eagerly awaiting yarn for a new scarf! Where has that owl got to?

Talking of fantastic beasts… there’s a huge hawk on our back lawn as I write, ripping the guts out of one of our neighbour’s white doves! I got the binoculars for a closer look, it was truly gross, but mesmerising. If truth be told we are not fans of the doves, they s**t on everything. One down. Plenty more lunches where that one came from.

Just need to decide whether to challenge my wrists to yards of stocking stitch or do my own take on Newt’s scarf and create a pain free crochet one. It’s a no brainer. Crochet it is. Sorry Newt.


2 thoughts on “Hufflepuff

    • Hey J! I’m so glad you came over! It’s been like moving house and wondering if everyone got the cards! Ugh, I know that dead mouse smell. The cat once killed a mouse and the dog decided to stash it in his bed. I walked past that dog bed for days with the pong and thank goodness I asked M to shake the blankets out for me…I would not have appreciated a decomposed mouse falling out! I guess once they’ve turned to dust inside a wall the smell goes! J x


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