I’ve never known a dog so fond of plump cushions! Goodness only knows what he slept in or on in the four years he lived before joining us and our plentiful supply of squishy softness. On his first day here he scooped all the sofa cushions into a mound and then climbed on top of them and let out a rather contented sigh, he’s never looked back. Today he’s created a narrow ledge of cushion and blanket and he’s perched there rather like a sea bird on a cliff face. He tucks his nose inside his paws and then dreams of chasing rabbits presumably.

I’ve been cautious about letting the dogs out this morning. The large hawk is back. From what I can tell through the binoculars it’s only a sparrowhawk but rather well fed. He was feasting on another white dove and I must admit I now feel a bit sorry for our neighbour who may or may not know about these events. There’s a whole big wide field at the end of the garden and who knows how many he has killed out there?

Meanwhile my two little doorbells, Harvey and Riley, alerted me to a delivery this afternoon! Woohoo! It does look like a lot of yarn for a scarf but they are only 50g balls. Fingers crossed it is enough. I will need to devise a pattern that enables me to just crochet until it runs out. At the moment I’m thinking of faux knit stitch or a loose waistcoat stitch. Both would give a vaguely stocking stitch kind of look. Aran weight would have been so much better but I saw this yarn and liked the texture so dk it is.

I treated myself to the latest Scheepjes book-a-zine too, having enjoyed the coastal themed first edition. Anything that makes crochet and knitting look as cool as this is a winner! (There are a few magazines who do the opposite). Well worth the £6 cover price. Between the yarn and the magazine it was like Christmas had come early! I’ve spent a rather pleasant few hours untangling strings of fairy lights today. I don’t put them up into the attic anymore. I tuck them in a drawer here or a box there and then totally forget about them. This is not a plan I am going to repeat for next year. No, I have a new plan; a box labelled ‘fairy lights’, so darn clever eh?


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