I’m swatching! Woohoo! I usually just jump straight in and hope for the best. This yarn and this project deserve a few trial runs. So, top strip is htr’s with a 4mm hook. Nope, I don’t like it. The row ridges are too prominent. It makes a nice fabric though, nice and squishy for a scarf (that’s technical jargon btw).

Middle sample is dc’s with a 4mm hook. Love the look but it’s a little stiff, it would probably be fine for a scarf but I’m aiming for maximum snuggle factor here so third sample is dc with a 5mm hook. A few more rows to do before I decide but my gut feeling is that it will end up being dc’s in a 4.5mm hook. Yep, I’m that fussy.

The samples in dc really curl up but I’m hoping that with long tassels on each end of the scarf it won’t be too much of a problem. The htr sample lies perfectly flat, very puzzling.

I’ve started to browse for Christmas presents. The danger of course is spotting nice things for myself or the home. I don’t do that very often so I didn’t feel too guilty when I treated myself to this gorgeous new hand painted cake/biscuit tin. Neither did I feel too guilty when I mentioned to M that it now needed a homemade cake to go in it. He loves to bake!

The scarf project has not gone unnoticed by a certain member of the family. She casually walked past the yarn, raised an eyebrow, walked back again and said, ‘I’m really looking forward to my Hufflepuff scarf!’ Ahem, whose?


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