Sheepskin slippers make a lovely Christmas gift right? Harvey and Riley certainly think so. Christmas came early for them three days ago. Harvey’s slipper hasn’t left his side since. See how he has it craftily tucked under his chin and one eye always open in case anyone else should show an interest in a saliva encrusted fake fur slipper? Of course Riley is only protective of his slipper if Harvey comes anywhere near, the rest of the time it’s been abandoned in favour of snuggling on the nearest lap (he thinks he is a chihuahua).

E is hopeless at Christmas gift surprises. She’d rather make sure we buy things she really wants or needs. So, proper sheepskin slippers went on the list to Santa which is fair enough, she suffers from cold hands and feet, and her key bargaining chip was that she’d donate her old ones to the dogs. The decoy slippers, as we call them, are working perfectly to protect the rest of our slippers and shoes in the hall from being faithfully brought to us when we return home.

I feel rather frustrated that my knee injury has prevented me from clambering around in the attic to dig out the Christmas decorations. M and J went up and couldn’t locate the giant see through Christmas box. They probably wouldn’t have found it if it had started singing Christmas songs. So, in true bloke style, M decided to go out and buy new decorations.

My request for a twig tree was yet again refused by M, J and E so I decided to let one of them take on the task of constructing our very convincing fake tree which starts with a round of A branches and finishes with a round of H branches, I mean who needs this much aggravation in their life? M got very hot and bothered with the tree, called it a few choice names and said, ‘why didn’t you say this tree was an absolute ****’ to put up every year? He knows jolly well I moan about it every year and I reminded him that he has to bundle the branches up in order afterwards too. He mentioned a bonfire at this point. I’m hoping this means I get my twig tree next year!

So with new white twinkly lights (I’m so glad M’s beloved multicoloured lights are still in the attic) and a tasteful red, white, silver and rustic wood theme we have a rather nice looking tree this year! It’s up the earliest it’s ever been and there may even be time for me to make a few crochet ornaments too!


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