Every few years we brave the Lincoln Christmas Market. M knows a few nooks and crannies where we can leave the car without walking miles. This always involves driving through the residents only barriers, he says we are residents, we just live seven miles out of town. Every time we go this gets a little more tricky with police cones and road closures. I keep my mouth shut mainly because I don’t really mind whether we make it to the market or not.

Some years it is perishing cold, some just plain old wet and a few years back it was completely cancelled due to heavy snow. It was heavy drizzle tonight and perhaps a little less crowded because of it, which was nice. Less elbow to elbow shuffling and more leisurely strolling.

E was treated to a lovely sheepskin trapper hat which she spotted while I was paying for the cutest little sheepskin mitts for a teeny tiny person whose parents probably, hopefully won’t read this. I will try and remember to take a photo to share with you after they’ve been gifted. You can’t beat natural materials for warmth. E said she really understands that now.

One of our other favourite stalls is British Knitwear. They sell very reasonably priced pure wool clothing and blankets. E bought an Aran cardigan which she says is smart enough for teaching and warm enough for playground duty! The man running the stall told us the costs have gone up and that he will probably make a loss this year. To break even, over the four days he needs to make £7,000. Given that the average cardigan was £25 that means he needs to sell 70 cardigans per evening. That didn’t seem very likely since it was so much quieter than previous years. It’s a shame, we’d have gladly kitted out the whole extended family in pure wool jumpers this Christmas but I guess they aren’t everyone’s taste and getting the right sizes would have been very difficult.

We didn’t buy anything else but we did enjoy the mulled wine. Just one sip for M though. E wanted to add to her German coffee mug collection this year but that stall seems to have been among the casualties due to the higher costs. You buy a coffee and you get to keep the mug, such a great idea as it cuts down on rubbish at the event.

Sadly, J couldn’t be persuaded to join us this year. I had one last try to tempt him to come with us by offering to buy him a light up sword, but alas no, he still didn’t want to come. There’s no pleasing some fifteen year olds!


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