There has been very little focus here lately. The hufflepuff scarf is getting most attention. I haven’t had chance to photograph it in progress yet. It has been tucked in bags and whipped out at opportune moments. M and I have had a couple of days of Christmas shopping/browsing and despite the need for some time off he still has to take on future work via his phone. I’m happy to wait patiently while he does this even if it means sitting in a stationary car just as long as I have my crochet to hand.

I do sometimes wonder at the wisdom of people who can actually hear someone at the end of a phone line choosing to convey information via message, text or email… a company email him with an assignment which is mainly suitable for his area of expertise. He replies with his availability. They ask for his fees. He then replies with his usual figures. They then email to say he can go ahead with the job. He then replies with a request for an official booking form… and so on, you get the idea? From my point of view this is utter madness. Just pick up the phone and speak to each other! Leave the messages, texts and emails for people like me, who can’t use the telephone! On the other hand I got a whole twenty row stripe done whilst sitting in the car during negotiations for his next booking!

After Christmas a small miracle must take place in the shape of a reduced yarn stash that can be discretely accommodated in a much smaller cupboard. Yes, I did say miracle. We are finally, after ten years of making do, giving the main bedroom a makeover. I can’t tell you what an awful state it is in. Disgusting wallpaper from the previous owners, hotel style carpet that is a devil to hoover. A redundant fire place. M’s wardrobes from his former life which he has been dying to burn for the last decade. Major work to be done! It’s a chance to declutter. Yarn will be given away, donated or used up quickly! I’ve had a quick look and I pulled out the large cone of chunky coarse off white wool you can see in the photo. It works up quite stiffly with the rug sized hook I found earlier this year. Any ideas what on earth I could make with it? It seems only suitable for the tiniest of rugs. I think it might have to be wool bowls or baskets.

We have started to burn down the advent candle. Along with the advent calendars these are traditions that the kids are not ready to part ways with just yet. E’s birthday is just before Christmas and J’s birthday is just after. E complains the most but both agree that it’s not great having a birthday so close to Christmas. I can only apologise and secretly look back to those Christmas’s and remember how special they were. Certainly knitting baby hats and leg warmers, and crocheting baby dungarees and more hats makes me wish I was a knitter/crocheted back then, not that I would have had the luxury of sitting still for very long!

Time flies and here we are today. E had her first university interview which lasted a rather gruelling three and a half hours (they don’t make it easy to get into teaching these days). Meanwhile we took J to do his annual clothing top up. Instead of taking him to various shops and approving his choices and then paying for them he preferred to have the cash and go and shop by himself. This was a shopping place we call ‘Meadowhell’. Inside I was wondering whether fifteen was actually old enough to do this but he managed perfectly well. Bought the smart shirt in the first fifteen minutes. Chose the trendy hoodie next and found the coat he wanted all within an hour. They were great choices and he budgeted well. My boy is all grown up.


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