It’s a cold and frosty morning. The dogs didn’t seem too bothered though Harvey is limping badly from an old injury. He doesn’t like to complain. He momentarily forgets the pain if you throw a stick and runs off to fetch it as if his brain is totally out of touch with his limitations. I took care not to interest him in any sticks. Riley is always first back to the car or house, depending on where we’ve gone for our walk. He’s the sensible one, he burrows under his duvet while Harvey lies on cold floor tiles shivering.

I’m loving this Stylecraft Batik yarn. I’m a sucker for variegated yarns and it’s really light and soft. I’ve gone for a nice wide scarf and now it’s just a question of seeing how much length it makes before the yarn runs out. I did a quick calculation based on how many stripes I could make out of one grey ball and I think the length is going to be just fine.

In a rare burst of baking activity I made ginger snaps earlier, using my foolproof recipe from about twenty years ago. At least it was foolproof until M confused me with spoon sizes and told me I’d been using the wrong size for ‘tablespoon’ all these years. I rather stupidly took his word for it and the batch came out much harder due to the larger spoon size of golden syrup. Luckily the recipe only makes a small quantity and there’s just enough of my baking mood left to make some more!


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