I went for a city walk today, as well as my usual dog walk. The dodgy knee is getting stronger, or so I tell myself. Steep Hill in Lincoln is challenging enough for anyone, dodgy knees or not. I could have avoided the hill altogether and had a good old ramble around the older part of town, the castle and the cathedral and all the back streets, but the lure of a particularly good coffee was too much. Besides, I always like to have a goal or purpose to a walk, or at the very least a good half way reward! The coffee was half way on my planned circuit.

I tend not to buy very many new clothes each year and maybe subconsciously that’s how I justify buying a few magazines here and there. I do enjoy the light reading and the range of interesting topics. Nature, travel, books, craft, simplifying life, insights into other lives etc. I buy the Simple Things when an issue looks like it might have enough in it that I’d enjoy. Breathe is a new publication that I thought I’d try. Apart from the yoga (let’s face it I’m never going to be able to distort my body into different poses whilst lip reading the tutor at the same time am I?) there is quite a bit that I find interesting in it. I’ve bookmarked the page for origami bows for this year’s gift wrapping effort. I just need a quiet half an hour and that old road atlas I’ve stashed away somewhere!

Ernest is a magazine I found in Oxford. I haven’t had chance to read it yet but the paper smells divine. It takes me back to my graphic design days when I very often dealt with paper samples and printing proofs. I was very particular about sourcing the right paper for a job. It’s probably why I have never managed to make the leap from paperback to kindle. Just the word ‘survival’ on the back cover tells me it’s the kind of stuff I’d have lapped up when I was a child and pretended I was in the wilderness in our generously sized back garden. The only survival I do now is surviving family life but the real thing is still an interesting topic.

Slowly, but surely we are managing to get the Christmas preparations ticked off one by one. M has had two days of travelling silly distances for work this week and has taken tomorrow off to be here for the boiler inspection/quote. I may have mentioned a couple of DIY jobs and he may have mentioned something about having a day off but I’m using Christmas as an excuse to get outstanding jobs done because it’s an excuse that actually works!

E has already heard back from the university she recently had an interview with (the three and a half hour interview!). She’s been offered a place! A small group of girls who were part of that interview session that she kept in touch with via Facebook weren’t so lucky. I think she’s feeling more confident now. She has another interview this week with our local specialist teaching university, another the following week with Oxford Brookes, and two more after Christmas. For now though she is heavily immersed in the school nativity play, doing lots of behind the scenes jobs including prompting them when they forget their lines, which is often. So far the only problem during a performance has been the boy who reports the news of the birth of Jesus, he ran onto the stage rather enthusiastically and skidded into the scenery, luckily no casualties and he recovered quickly enough to deliver his lines!


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