What to do when your boiler finally gives up at seven o’ clock in the evening? Got to bed wrapped up in warm layers, extra blankets and bed socks, yes, tick. The next morning when everyone has departed to warmer climes? Start the day with porridge, drink plenty of hot coffee and make candles…

I figured this would be a nice warm activity which involved the oven but did not involve cooking (ugh, god forbid!). The house smells absolutely wonderful despite the two soggy dogs drying off on towels! Don’t you just hate it when a scented candle fails to burn evenly and to the bottom? I’ve come to the conclusion that the larger ones do this more often. I know all about the ‘candle memory’, I try and make sure the surface is a level one, I burn them for a good chunk of time but still the odd one fails so I throw them in an old tin and eventually I get round to making new candles.

Luckily this morning there was a good length of pre waxed wick in the tin. It’s most probably from a taper candle that broke and I melted down. It’s enough to make three jam jar candles. Coffee stirrers are ideal for keeping the wick straight while the hot wax melts. I use a small blob of white tac (like blu-tac but stickier) to anchor the wick to the bottom of the glass. The double burner was £3 from a charity shop, I was saving it for melted chocolate occasions but I’m more likely to make candles than I am to cook anything requiring melted chocolate.

I’m being ultra patient with this batch today. When the ‘woodland’ candle is almost set it will have a dip in the centre so I’ve saved a small amount of this same colour to top it up with. Only having one pan means I can’t get on with the other colours for now but I have all day. It’s so cold here without heating I don’t think it will take long to set.

We already had a booked date for the new boiler to be installed so M is trying to bring that forward by five days. Fingers crossed. At the moment the warm and cosy caravan on the drive is looking rather inviting! I have a whole stash of paperbacks in there, tea and coffee, thick blankets, a very good sound system for playing Christmas music…


2 thoughts on “Candles

  1. I’ve never been able to successfully make candles and admire folk who can ☺ however I certainly know how to fill my home with them! Perfect for grey days and dark nights. Hope your boiler issues are sorted asap x


    • Ta for the boiler good wishes! I wouldn’t mind an excuse to dive under a duvet for a week but unfortunately it’s so mild it’s not too bad. We are popping over to my parents for showers though. I’m going to do a brief post about candles, it’s so easy it’s worth a go! J x


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