It’s been wonderful to have some company on my daily dog walks, if only on Sundays. We’ve picked different locations each week despite the fact that M is strongly in favour of routine and repetition and I am the complete opposite. Take this morning for example, we had a small disagreement over my request to untangle the television cables in preparation for a radiator to be removed. I was aware there were surplus cables cluttering up the plugs and gathering dust down beside this radiator. M got pretty agitated and we managed to establish that it was because it was too spontaneous. I shall try booking a slot for essential maintenance next time!

These dog walk pictures were taken on Lincoln Common. I don’t usually take the dogs there due to the free range horses. I’m not that keen on the horses myself, they are a little over friendly for my liking. If you look very closely at the photo with Harvey hurrying back with the tennis ball you can see the windmill up on the hill. It’s a lovely place to be when the sun is shining. We spotted lots of Santa’s making their way up to the Cathedral area for the fun run.

The road had flooded a little where we left the car which of course was ideal for a last minute drink, paddle and foot wash! Harvey has been known to drink from a puddle with the tennis ball still in his mouth, but on this occasion figured it was safe enough to put down or leave floating!

I was so lucky with the yarn for the hats. There was just enough. From the two balls I have about 30cm left! Two pairs of deungarees and to hats out of two balls isn’t bad going eh? Now we just wait for news of their arrival which is any day now.

I’ve had a pre Christmas living room spring clean this afternoon while M was watching J play football and E was at work. Henry Hoover got rid of the cobwebs, pictures were finally put up on the wall, furniture rearranged, magazines sorted. I turned round to put the cushions straight and found Riley had created one of his special ‘nests’, and M calls him the stupid one! I think he’s pretty smart.


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Our dog makes ‘nests’, stashes toys and drinks from puddles whilst making sure her toy is in easy reach. Love the colours for the dungarees and hats 🙂


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