It’s another overcast but mild day today. Our little electric stove heater really wasn’t up to the job of warming just one room while we wait for our new boiler. A borrowed oil filled radiator is doing a much better job and I can at least feel my hands once more. Only one more sleep until the two day boiler installation, phew! There have been less than patient residents here and I don’t mean the dogs.

Sometimes events make you suddenly realise just how much every day effort goes into trying to please all of the people all of the time. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a thankless and impossible task and I often put my own welfare and happiness way down the list of priorities. I’m pretty sure that this is a Mother and Wife thing that I’m not alone with. So, moving on, here’s to only pleasing some of the people some of the time and having an extra gin and tonic to cope with the fall out!

Today I thought I’d finally have a go at some of the craft bits and bobs that have been gathering. I probably haven’t made a cardboard star since primary school age! This one looked like it would take forever but it’s going fairly quickly. I’ve got another, more ambitious paper cut scene to tackle from a magazine earlier this year if I manage to get through this one without cutting myself!

There’s quite a lot of cutting involved in these mini crackers too. The free kit came with Mollie Makes and I’ve dug out some cracker snaps from my craft supplies and trimmed them down a little. I can’t add the tissue paper confetti or tie them up with the red and white yarn yet because I want to add jokes and a little something. A little crochet something would be fun but I’d need eight, half suitable for men and half suitable for women. I may have to go for sweets. I really should have thought about these weeks ago because Christmas is now only eleven days away! Yikes. So much wrapping to do yet.

If time allows I’m going to go with the Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve. I wish I’d known about that years ago. I distinctly remember allowing the children to open a book each on several Christmas Eves when they were very small and the excitement was just too much, and then naturally bribing them with Santa threats (he won’t come if you’re awake!) to get them to go to sleep after ten bedtime stories, each. This year we have the magic of small children at Christmas again, well one small child, my niece. At one and a half I think she will still be wondering what it’s all about!


2 thoughts on “Crafting

  1. Yeah, second that gin thought … bit early (in the day) but worth considering! Failing that, mug of tea and sit on the dogs to keep warm!


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