I can’t tell you how nice it is to have central heating once more! It’s been three weeks of intermittent hot water and heating and then a week of no heating at all. It’s shorts and t shirt weather indoors while we warm the whole place through again! In fact now that we’ve had a whole system power flush and a new boiler with eco credentials we’ve realised just how poor the old system was.

M and I had an enforced two days at home whilst the work was being done and that meant actually getting some of the household jobs on our to do list crossed off. M repaired the shower seal which had been leaking for a while before we noticed and had therefore caused some damage. I managed to get the dogs hairy paws and ears trimmed. Harvey has a thicker coat so he had to have that trimmed a little too. They are both incredibly patient and love the fuss (unlike my last pair of Springers). We’ve got a car boot’s worth of bags sorted for charity too, always a good feeling!

I must confess that I did also retreat to the warmth and cosiness of the caravan in between jobs, and worked a few crafty stripes of the hufflepuff scarf whilst warming up. M thought it would be funny to message me in there to ask if I wanted a cup of tea, adding ‘your place or mine?’. I replied that my place was warmer so we made tea in our tin mugs and defrosted our noses. It got even sillier after that because M then received a call from the plumber who was just a few feet away on the drive to ask him where the water stop cock was. I think he was too shy to knock on the caravan door! Honestly, the world has gone phone crazy!

Having offered the caravan, during the big chill, to everyone and finding no takers I decided I might as well spend a couple of nights in there myself. The heating has always been very effective and the bed is extremely comfortable. The peace and quiet was pretty amazing too. It’s often quite hard work to have to look up every time someone speaks to me, and believe me, that is very frequently in this household. People forget that I can’t just carry on doing whatever I’m doing and hear at the same time. I think they’d be surprised at how much of a pain this is if they tried it for just a few hours. I’ve tried explaining but still the same level of chat persists which is why it was just lovely to spend two evenings in the caravan alone with just my books and my crochet. I’ve started a knitted Christmas tree motif garland having seen the idea on Instagram (loritimesfive). I made six little tree motifs each evening; something that I’d never have managed during an evening of family tv time in the house. After Christmas we’ll be sorting out a new fireplace and mantel (something I’ve been waiting a decade for!) but for now I will have to find an alternative home for the new garland.


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