I can highly recommend knitting little trees 🌲 in the run up to Christmas when there’s still far more important things to be done (like writing out the Christmas cards). Each one is like a small breather from all the madness. I can’t say this garland went exactly to plan. The mystery yarn, that might or might not be Noro, I bought from a charity shop for 50p, started off with the most scrumptious shade of tweedy red but quickly changed into more autumnal shades, and ending up purple! I was rather hoping I’d get to the green at least but I’m going with the flow and settling for these. I could of course carry on knitting small trees until I get to the green but that’s a project for another time. For now it’s ready to hang, I just need to decide where!

Thank you to loritimesfive on Instagram for the inspiration. The tree pattern is in the December issue of Knitting magazine. Even these small sessions of knitting aren’t compatible with my wrists so it’s back to crochet now. I have my eye on the coasters in the Sheepjes magazine as a quick and easy and stash busting project. Something to squeeze in between wrapping gifts and writing cards… and eating mince pies!


2 thoughts on “Trees

  1. I’m all for a little bit of theraputic knitting or crochet – those little trees are gorgeous, not sure if I will get time to do them this year, but I shall think about them longingly and, if I have finished the gift knitting, I will certainly give them a go!


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