This little tinker turned nineteen yesterday. My how time flies! Mum, Dad, brother, boyfriend, Nanna and Grandad all helped her celebrate at Carluccio’s last night. It’s true she hates having a birthday so close to Christmas but her life isn’t too bad apart from that! It’s such a relief that everything seems to be falling into place for her. Worrying about a future career seems to start so early with the choice of GCSE’s so we’ve had years of ‘woes’ while she figured out what she wanted to do. Thankfully primary years teaching fell into her lap one day and she can’t wait to wake up every morning and go to school, such irony after years of saying, ‘I hate school!’

Birthdays are humdingers for reminding me of those no longer with us. My Nan would have been so proud and happy to know that Ella will one day (in three years time) be a qualified primary school teacher. I can only wonder what her Dad would have said. I like to think he’d have approved.


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