It’s been a busy week. We seem to be experts at taking a long time to do small tasks. For example, it really wasn’t the most efficient use of my time to join M in Leicester this week with just two things on my shopping list. I could easily have picked these items up locally but it’s always nice to have a leisurely coffee on the way and perhaps a light lunch when he finishes the work part. I like wandering round cities I don’t know too. So much to see. Sheffield later in the week was full of police cars, foot patrols and even mounted police!

After tomorrow’s big wrapping and card writing session I will feel much more relaxed and ready to chill out for Christmas. I took a big step today and changed my hair rather drastically again. It feels like a year ago but it might be two, when I went from long dark hair to short grey hair. It was quite liberating at the time and I’ve really enjoyed not having to faff around with colour. Today I went from grey to a light ash blonde and I do quite like it. I’ll admit it was slightly prompted by me buying a child’s gift and the cashier asking me if it was for my grandson. Aargh! It made me think, heck, I don’t need to look like a granny at the grand old age of 47. Goodbye grey. For now. The neighbours will no doubt be thinking I’m having a mid life crisis!

I can now show you one of the fun gifts we bought E for her birthday. It was a weird moment when I was browsing the art part of Blackwells in Oxford. There were mainly rather boring great big tomes of information with few pictures and in amongst those this smaller, cuter, book with a nice balance of art and words. With the chosen book in my hand my phone alerted me to a message from E; she had been walking down Steephill in Lincoln and had spotted the above brooch in a quirky little shop and wanted to drop a hint for her birthday. I was tempted to message her a picture of the book and say, ‘how’s that for timing?’ but I resisted and saved it for her birthday. I bought the brooch as soon as we got back from Oxford. A perfect little package for a big Frida fan!

Talking of E and books… I told her about my 2017 plan to donate 365 books by gathering seven a week, either read or no longer wanted. She was horrified! I didn’t go on to explain that I could do that with their childhood books alone! Our dining room bookshelves are groaning with books and they are even doubled up on the shelves. I’m even going to thin out some of my knitting books now that I do more crochet. I always like to have a challenge for the start of each year. Quite some years ago now I thought it would be difficult not to buy new clothing for a year. It turned out to be very easy and I’ve mostly stuck to that one ever since. Now it’s time to focus on owning less.


2 thoughts on “Frida

  1. I pared our books down over the last year, but still seem to have a fair number, I feel to have stuff everywhere that needs to move on, definitely need another reducing year 😊


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