Mobile phones can be annoying, time consuming devices but just occasionally the ability to send a photo with a message is quite handy! E sent a photo of the above kit with the caption, ‘almost worth learning how to crochet for this!’. I told her to buy it and I’d have a go!

The kit includes materials to make Yoda and a Stormtrooper. I’ve got a stash of dk that contains probably all of the colours required to make the rest. Yoda has since been turned into a key ring and the fluffy snowman key ring E had been using has been unceremoniously dumped! There is half a stormtrooper on the go which is destined to dangle decoratively in a Fiat 500 as soon as it’s made.

Have you noticed the rather smart oak coffee table which has replaced my whitewashed old cupboard door-on top of a footstool-coffee table? M likes to make wooden gifts at Christmas but due to the decline of his workshop roof he hasn’t been able to do as much this year. He did, however, sneak some planks of oak home, secretly commission some metal legs and then not so secretly set about making the table in the kitchen using the island as a giant workbench. It’s a good job the kitchen is rustic to start with! I may have subtly hinted about the need for a proper coffee table and I may have sent a few links to styles I liked that I thought would work in our living room. So I’m pretty darn happy with the results. It’s just what I wanted!


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