Notes for next Christmas: Do not leave all the wrapping until Christmas Eve. Store the many rolls of wrapping paper somewhere really obvious so you won’t have to send your husband out the day before Christmas for supplies. Do not buy gifts with multiple aspects which triple the amount of wrapping to do (‘experience’ vouchers are looking attractive for next year!). Do not leave card writing so late that you miss the last post.

Do stock up on G&T for card writing and gift wrapping sessions. Do make sure the hounds have a new B A L L on a R O P E so they don’t feel left out (even if they will probably lose it in the farmers field before Boxing Day.) Do go for a long dog walk in the crisp cold so that the house seems even warmer and cosier than usual. Do spend hours crocheting a tiny yoda and a titchy stormtrooper, especially if you’ve got a Christmas Eve to do list as long as a light saber.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas! 🎄


2 thoughts on “Eve

  1. Aah, a list rather similar to mine…. just add … do gift knit but start several weeks before so can complete list of items in time rather than still be knitting on Xmas eve at family party in a frenzied fashion…! Have a good chrimbly!


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