My little noses finally arrived! I must admit I was quite pleased, excited even, when they arrived and waved them in the air triumphantly! E, J and M just momentarily looked up and then all three carried on with what they were doing. They are completely used to me being excited about a little bag of plastic toy parts, it’s entirely normal in their world to have a house full of art and craft supplies. Let’s face it, when J comes to me and says he needs an A4 piece of silver card, blue corrugated card, double sided tape and green sticky backed felt on a roll for an environmental planning project he knows I won’t have to go shopping first. In fact that was a real request just recently and I had everything to hand and more. Once he’s finished GCSEs and A levels I’m going to pass this kind of thing on in the form of regular craft packs for my niece!

So the woolly bear now has a little nose and looks a lot more like a bear than he did at first. The yarn is DROPS Karisma which is 100% wool. I’d have chosen a lighter shade normally but I’m using up what I have. I originally bought this yarn for Toft Menagerie crochet animals but after making five of them I’m all Tofted out! At least it will contrast nicely with the cream Aran sweater which I’m avoiding sewing up by the way because it requires crab stitch and I’ve never actually done that before. I need to have peace and quiet to tackle something new!

There’s not a lot of peace and quiet here right now. M and I braved the crowds for New Year’s Day dinner food shopping. We blitzed the freezer and fridge contents when we got home (yes, should have done this first but oh well). M is now recovering with the various gold channels for company. We are polar opposites when it comes to repetition. He likes the comfort of familiar programmes like Storage Hunters and How it’s Made and I get restless if they are on more than once a week. I prefer variety. The battle for the remote control is not one I bother fighting for. Thank goodness for books and crochet!

As per tradition tomorrow M will be cooking a roast dinner and we will have his sister over for the day. Its a busman’s holiday for M as he will also spend the day translating for me. A’s speech is beyond my comprehension. To save him some work I usually just waffle on without waiting for too much in the way of a reply even though I do feel a tad guilty. Last year we made tissue paper flowers because she likes to make things too and there really wasn’t much need for chat. I’m thinking Pom Pom garlands this year but I know the clover Pom Pom makers will be too complicated for her so we will do a simpler type, she will enjoy combining colours, pink always being a firm favourite. Stash busting, a repetitive craft activity I can cope with, a pom pom garland for A to take home, its a win win.

Happy New Year! 🎉🍷


3 thoughts on “Noses

  1. Happy New Year, Juanita! Your dog is so beautiful. I know how you feel about the noses because I recently bought my first toy eyes and I’m very excited to try them out – as soon as I’ve actually made something which requires eyes. 🙂


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