You can choose your friends but apparently you are stuck with your family! Little notes like this are a fairly frequent occurrence. The children both eat fruit like it’s going out of fashion. It might just be these two teenagers but it seems to me that we’ve hit the time when they suddenly start to like things they used to hate. We have regular conversations that go something like…

Teen: can you buy watermelon next time you go food shopping please?

Me: but you don’t like melon.

Teen: well I like watermelon.

Me: you’ve always hated melon, especially watermelon, but you like it now?

Teen: I love it.

Or more confusing still, conversations like this:

Teen: no cheese for me please

Me: but you usually love cheese

Teen: well I hate it now.

We also have conversations about liking a fruit or veg that they have never eaten and never liked and profess to have always eaten and always loved. It’s pretty difficult to keep up with who likes what at the moment hence having to message the author of above note and clarify what actually comes under the ‘not shit fruit’ category. (Turns out someone was tired of apples, oranges and bananas.)

It was interesting to see my niece over the Christmas period being as particular with food as her big cousin was at the same age. There were times when it really didn’t feel as though E had eaten enough in any one day but I eventually found things she would definitely eat and I didn’t get worked up about it. J was the exact opposite, he ate everything put in front of him and still does, and he’s as thin as a rake.

Well we’ve taken the first steps to creating a proper bedroom for ourselves. It’s been last on the list after ten years of knocking walls down, stripping five layers of seventies wallpaper off, putting right the previous owner’s atrocious decor and creating nice bedrooms for the children. Our bedroom will need a new floor, more seventies wallpaper stripping, lining, painting, new wardrobes, the works!

We are trying out a recycled wood wall in the recess where our bed will go. The planks will be horizontal. I can imagine more conventional bungalow owners viewing this wall with shock at some stage in the future if ever we were to sell up but for now I’m indulging my taste. Modern rustic or urban rustic, whatever they call it these days, I just like using basic raw materials with not too much processing. I’m just not the pattern or floral type.

I’ve been running the basic principles of feng shui by M. He’s being very understanding. Last night I suggested we think about having some art above the bed; according to feng shui we need to jointly decide on a theme which reflects a positive aspect of our relationship. To be honest I think I lost him at the word ‘art’!


2 thoughts on “Family

  1. My children eat tons of fruit. I can hardly keep up with the fruit consumption now, and they are only 8 and 11! I shudder to think what the future holds. I should have been a farmer.


    • Plant fruit trees now! We have a plum tree that yielded big quantities of fruit for eating and plenty for jam every year but it seems to be dying now. I do wish I’d planted fruit trees when we moved here ten years ago! At least their fruit habit is a healthy habit! I bet you’ve got quite a good variety in New Mexico?


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