Today was the last whole day with M at home. Appointments, assignments and taxiing children to and fro mean that we probably won’t have another day like this for quite a while. We treated ourselves to a simple breakfast and coffee at one of our favourite local cafe’s. I order the same every time. A gluten free bagel with Philadelphia and a large coffee. I really must cut down on the coffee this year!

It’s inside a small ex chapel and it has the simple rustic decor we like along with touring exhibitions of art or photography. It attracts quite an eclectic bunch of customers. Although it must look like we have nothing to say to each other it’s the one place we give ourselves permission to read the newspapers, do the crosswords and catch up with emails. The rest of the time we do talk, make plans, turn off the iPads.

By late morning M was turning blue outside with his woodwork until I suggested he fetched the firepit and got a roaring fire going with the off cuts. Inside I finally got round to tackling the long overdue task of sorting out my writing bureau. It was a spur of the moment purchase at the end of a furniture action when most other traders had left and I paid the princely sum of £12. I thought I’d give it a good polish and sell it on with my other restored items but E took a fancy to it and stuffed it with all her art materials, notebooks and colouring books (she was 8 years old at the time).

I’ve threatened to chuck out this 70s teak piece of furniture plenty of times on the basis that it wasn’t working hard enough to earn a precious spot in this house. However, it matches the seventies teak sideboard we’ve since acquired in the style that seems quite popular these days, so in it’s decluttered, useful state I’m feeling the bureau love once more! It’ll now be the spot where I sit down with my 52 lists project book and give each list my undivided attention, quite possibly with a small coffee nearby. In fact I’ve since written various entries for list 1: goals and dreams for the year. I didn’t think I’d have many beyond planning some crochet projects and gradually regaining the stamina back in my injured knee. Turns out, amongst other goals and dreams, I want this bedroom to be a warm, cosy, clutter free sanctuary of a room and I want it to be finished by 2018. Woah! That’s news to M, he thought he had at least five years, like the bathroom..what was that? I do believe he just called me a rude name!


2 thoughts on “Bureau

  1. When a previously ‘unseen’ piece of furniture suddenly comes in to its own, it feels like a light has been switched on. It helps that it has become part of your mindfulness, I am sure it will fill a space in your heart x


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