This small basket of body parts is close to becoming a bear now. When there were four limbs and a head in the basket E said it looked more like I’d taken a bear and chopped him up than it did a bear in the making! These projects are usually fairly quick but with the bedroom contents piled high in the dining room it’s the perfect time to sort through the many boxes and drawers.

My yarn stash has to live in the bedroom for lack of space or storage elsewhere and it seems I can sort and sort and sort this small canvas wardrobe containing boxes until the cows come home and I still have more than I’d like. I was a bit hasty in writing about it being under control. A few baskets of ‘supplies’ have surfaced during the big clear out and now I need to whittle it down again. The good news is that M suggested building a piece of furniture with large pigeon holes which I like the sound of very much!

I got my left inside out muddled with my right inside out (this is why I don’t like fabric crafts!) and left the wrong sleeve open for the button fastening. Too bad, it’ll have to stay that way now. The little Aran jumper needs a crab stitch edging and two little buttons to finish it off. I’m relieved it looks like it will be a good fit. When you start substiting yarn you can never tell, especially if you ignore tension guides like I do!

Harvey and Riley are a little puzzled with the bedroom goings on. Lots of hammering and noise. When M started shouting down from the attic (for the electrical work) Riley was quite alarmed and snuck onto our bed. The dogs absolutely never jump up on the beds despite the fact we live in a bungalow. We will be replacing the disgusting ‘hotel lobby’ carpet with a wooden floor and that will stop Riley, at least, going in there at all. He seems to have a fear of laminate flooring and won’t enter E’s bedroom unless she puts the rug within stepping distance of the door, and even then he will only stay on the rug. She has been known to lift him from the door to the bed where he will stay quite happily but won’t jump back down. Yes, I know, he’s weird.


One thought on “Parts

  1. We had a dog that would steadfastly refuse to walk on any hard and potentially slippy floors. Our present dog however, relishes any surface that she can slip and slide on, running and slipping after any toy lobbed for her at breakneck speed!


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