E had another university interview today. Poor kid is exhausted. These are all four hour affairs, two of which have required five minute teaching tasks. Thankfully today’s did not but there was a focus on education in the press for which E did some background reading and research. She’s lucky she is an apprentice this year because she has references and up to date knowledge of all kinds of political issues to do with early years education.

M and I had four hours to kill in Leeds. I’m not keen on shopping and M just moans about how much walking might be involved. We started off by visiting the new John Lewis to exchange a belt. There were mutterings about how warm it was, how many floors there were and about finding the toilets. I didn’t bother suggesting taking a ride up to the fifth floor just to have a look at the haberdashery department. I know when to bide my time!

However, after a little stumble on the new shiny fooor of the shopping centre which resulted in M taking off his shoes and walking in his socks (picture a rather smart, upmarket shopping arcade) for a short while, I figured that he at least owed me a visit to Fred Aldous! Cue more moaning about walking. I really am going to have to limit shopping to when I’m on my own in future. Any further university interviews will involve me leaving M in the nearest Costa and wandering off with his credit card. Sensible.

At least the day ended on a good note with E happy with the interview and impressed with everything she saw and heard. She likes the fact that the campus is out of the city and I can understand that, I heaved a sigh of relief when we saw green fields once more.

Our bedroom feature wall is coming along. M took J to cricket training last night and no sooner had he closed the door I was in there with the hammer, saw and nails. I knew he wouldn’t like me to contribute to this wall but I’m quite nifty with this kind of thing and once I sorted M’s planks out into groups according to width I had four rows up in no time. I knew it would look pretty rough on it’s own so I’m just hoping it will all come together at the end. There’s an article with various wood walls on this site:


It’s going to be a nice big bonfire if it looks c***!


2 thoughts on “Leeds

  1. We found the rounds of visiting universities exhausting but it is worth it☺ go girl with that hammer, don’t let him have all the fun!


    • We found out at the end of that day out in Leeds that they actually welcomed parents and laid on food, coffee, tours, etc! Totally unlike the one before that told all the parents to go shopping! (Luckily E had told us not to hang around for any interview days!)


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