I don’t know about you but my body clock is still out of sync following the Christmas break. It doesn’t help that I’m googling floors, walls and window treatments last thing whilst sitting up in a bed surrounded by timber, boxes, tools, sawdust and general chaos!

I was looking forward to a crafty lie in this morning; perhaps making a tea and taking it back to bed, but fate had other plans. A work cancellation meant M was free and he’s an early riser compared to my night owl. He woke me up to suggest a slow breakfast and a large coffee. I wavered but it was too good an offer to resist. Seems my new t shirt sums things up nicely right now.

This afternoon I am ‘streamlining’ my yarn cupboard. Despite more coffee and music, the task is still less exciting than finding a large ball of something nice and squishy and wondering why it hasn’t already been knitted or crocheted into a warm cowl! There was a handy pattern on the ball band; cue the size 10mm needles only to find that my knitting know-how is fast becoming ‘used to know how’. I got in an absolute mess with knit one, purl one and yarn overs before every stitch! So I’ve started a basic treble mesh pattern with the whopping hook I found in an antique shop last year and we’ll see how that goes. News of the next big chill seems vague but if it arrives I’m gonna be ready! ❄️


5 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. I have to admit that today i have slumped. My last few days of buzzing enthusiasm and umphfff seemed to have not woken up yet … time to put the kettle on and get myself going ! Love the T-shirt 🙂


    • I guess that’s only natural. A period of useful activity followed by a slump! I’m pretty sure that means tea, coffee and something to do with yarn is needed before tackling the next big activity! I’m definitely not venturing out in these gale force winds today! 💨


  2. I can so relate… When my alarm wakes me up in the mornings, my body refuses to cooperate, because it is so dark outside… And at three in the afternoon I am already so ready for hot cocoa and blankets (and possibly a bit of knitting too;))


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