It has come to my attention that WordPress does not automatically send out replies to comments. Shock horror! In the old days, when I was quite happy with Blogger (smiles though gritted teeth), I would always reply to comments and they would be sent by email. I’m still a bit confused about replies if I’m honest. I do believe I have successfully replied to one comment privately by email but when I tried more recently it was listed on the blog. That might have been me having an off day. I’ve recently started spending an hour a day with E trying to rake up my A Level Maths knowledge (which is pretty scarce after 19 years) to help her with her Skills Test, something all teachers to be need to pass before they can take up a uni place. I tell you, I feel like the tin man before he gets the oil treatment. My maths brain is rusty.

Anyway, ignore all that waffle for now. What I’d like to know is whether my readers and blog friends would prefer emailed replies to comments, no replies to comments or replies to comments on the blog. I really do appreciate comments, it’s nice to know someone is out there! I like the fact that WordPress has ‘likes’ too which I understand is more accessible if, like me, you’ve got iPad settings that you can’t remember how to undo, and therefore have to log on to WordPress or google accounts or something whose password is long forgotten!

I spent a rather gruesome evening last night half watching Silent Witness with M and E. We are one episode behind I believe so I’m talking about the one involving stomach churning post mortem scenes. Yes I know they always involve such stuff but this one was particularly special. A short way through I decided to carry on with the chunky cowl as a means to divert my eyes. E and M did no such thing and it never ceases to amaze me how any child of mine can watch gory stuff on television but nearly faint at the sight of a sliced thumb for real. Since I was focussed more on the cowl than on the programme it was finished in no time. Riley modelled it last night for me and I’m about to wear it to venture out in these gale force winds.


4 thoughts on “Question

  1. I like getting comments too but tend only to reply if a direct question is asked – I use the ‘reply’ option, however for some folk a quick reply does not suffice so I email them directly (but only if they have a way to contact them) My third way of contacting them is doing to their blog and leaving a comment if i really need to get hold of them.


    • This seems like a sensible plan. With blogger I struck up some nice blog friendships because the replies went by email so it opened up the dialogue for those who wanted to. I guess it’s early days with WordPress. I just don’t want to appear rude if there is no response! 🤔


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