This dog sleeps in such style, anywhere, anyhow but especially well on a lap or a pile of cushions. He likes to tuck his nose in and right now I know how he feels. I went for a bracing walk today wrapped up for a polar expedition but still my nose was frozen.

It took a while to fully defrost enough to hold knitting needles but once I did I made good progress and finished one little pixie hat. It looks quite big here because the needles are shorter than usual but trust me, it’s dinky, I made the newborn size. Since there was nothing too tricky knitting wise I cast on for the second one and with all kinds of weather warnings in place I’m all set for a day of hibernation and knitting/crochet either tomorrow or the next day.

I will definitely be making the leg warmers too. These twins are due in February and it’ll still be cold I’m sure. 50g of each colour is enough to do both hat and leg warmers. It’s surprising how far dk yarn goes when it comes to baby items. E gave the royal nod of approval when she passed by and said, ‘cute’. Praise indeed. I’m also really pleased she’s wearing her oatmeal cable wristwarmers every day.

I’m really going to have to stop being seduced by these lovely knitting patterns this year. I get frustrated that knitting has to be done in short sessions whereas I can crochet for however long I want to. The recent bedroom clear out tells me that 2017 has to be the year of finishing off too. Once the knitting is done and dusted I’ve vowed to get the Scheepjes blanket sewn up, just as long as the gorgeous crochet cabled hats in one of my new Christmas books don’t distract me!


3 thoughts on “Pixie

  1. It is cold today! Looking out the window it is a ‘winter wonderland’ but having already been out with Moss – It is */@@%* cold! SO, indoor activities please! (painting and crochet are the order of the day) unfortunately housework calls – I have ignored its mournful pleas for a little to long and it is beginning to show! Have a good weekend


    • Cold, wet and windy here today too. I would prefer snow! I know what you mean about the housework. I am perfecting the art of attending only the bits that show! I figure the family are better off having a plentiful supply of warm hats and gloves! 💨🌧❄️Have a lovely indoor hygge day! ☕️


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