When I was a student, many moons ago, I remember learning a great deal from a German flat mate. She was everything I wasn’t; world wise, political, a city girl. Our third flat mate was an Irish chap who was great fun and could charm anyone to do anything for him. However, we did manage to drag him along to a supermarket one day to buy some joint household provisions. We had a pale blue bathroom and as he reached for the pale blue toilet roll our German flat mate launched into a soap box rant about recycling. It took me a minute to catch on that this tinted toilet roll was a BAD thing and we were both completely educated on this matter and a host of other recycling matters. I’ve been a dutiful recycler ever since.

This all came back to me this morning as I was wondering how long it would take to learn to make a pretty leaf pattern in the milk froth of my coffee! My flat mate would most definitely have disapproved and told me that there are more important things in life. Goodness only knows what she’d make of the courgettii E and I had last night! While E is rubbing shoulders with a number of female teachers she’s coming home with all sorts of random health food ideas to try. Courgettii gets the thumbs up from us, we had it with a tomato based pasta sauce and shredded chicken. It was great.

It’s a good job I have made some progress with the pixie hats and leg warmers. The twins were born yesterday! They were due in February but they decided to come early. Quite impressive birth weights all things considered. No worrying early baby problems. I think it might be a while before these newborn hats actually fit. I’ve cast on for the first set of leg warmers. Does anyone want to confess to having a pair in the eighties? OK then, I will. I certainly didn’t wear them whilst doing a Jane Fonda style work out. I don’t recall ever wearing them in public but I did want to be part of the fad and wore them around the house trying to feel like one of the Fame students! I absolutely loathe dancing so goodness knows what I was thinking! They were cosy and warm though!


4 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. I had some hot pink leg warmers but like you I only wore them at home. The twins will look so sweet in the little hats you’ve knitted.


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