I love this new photo annotating app! I probably need to find a slightly more exciting version but for now it’s useful rather than beautiful! I’ve used it to remind myself exactly where I am with my Scheepjes blanket at the moment. Four white ribbed squares and four teal wavy squares to make before I begin the joining and border.

It was really good fun looking forward to the release of a new square each week and completing them before the next one. I kept up until these last couple of weeks when family stuff most likely took priority. It also coincided with a long spell on crutches and limited mobility due to that silly knee incident so that was another reason for me staying focussed. I don’t usually like or have any desire to do CALs. I stuck fairly close to the ‘in the rain’ colours but didn’t use the Scheepjes yarn in the end (after much deliberation) because I had quite a lot of dk odds and ends, so I’m pleased it didn’t cost a lot. Once it’s finished I’m sure it will be used a great deal, as our other crochet blankets have been.

I shall finish these squares once I’ve finished knitting baby leg warmers! Oh and my bear, he still needs buttons on the neck opening of his sweater and at the very least a pair of shorts to hide his pants! He’s sitting in a basket looking rather neglected while I’m doing more bedroom decorating than knitting or crochet for now.

There is something rather satisfying about obliterating every last trace of seventies decor and replacing it with a just of hint of modern seventies decor! We’ve decided we can live with the long seventies teak sideboard and bureau for now. Although I’d have never chosen a seventies bungalow myself I’m trying to embrace the positives (er, remind me what they are?). I picked the sideboard up along with a dining table and four chairs, all in the g plan style for £40 just before they started selling for silly money. That’s £20 for the sideboard and £20 for the table and chairs, an absolute bargain! The sideboard, although more logical in a dining room houses all the family photos, gift wrap and related stuff in two of the drawers, wedding album and bits and bobs the children have written, drawn or made over the years (much whittled down) in a third drawer. The final cupboard holds cameras and chargers and related stuff so it’s a useful amount of storage.

As we speak M is at the top of a step ladder swearing fairly loudly about the person who attached curtain pole batons with screws as long as his arm (apparently). He might be exaggerating slightly!


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