This week I am asking myself, ‘how the hell have I accumulated this much stuff?’ Ugh. As every last scrap of stuff has moved from bedroom to dining room I am promising myself to sort every last thing and reduce by at least half before any of it returns!

When M and I met and decided to live together we had a choice between two properties; both in lovely villages but with M’s just having the edge due to its favourable location. So we gave up the luxury of space and four bedrooms and moved to his much smaller bungalow. It’s a decision I question from time to time but I’m determined that one day the contents here will be in accordance with the actual space.

We had to move and dismantle a row of nasty seventies Formica wardrobes this week. M was ecstatic because he’s never liked them. I liked them for the simple fact that they did the job and didn’t fall to pieces but even so it was a joyous occasion to see them hurled into a large skip at the local tip!

Talking of joy, I heard somewhere that there’s a certain approach to decluttering that is working for some; hold every item up and ask yourself, ‘does this bring me joy’. Or something like that anyway, it is, funnily enough, working quite well on my wardrobe contents. I was quite happily filling charity sacks when Riley decided to sneak up onto the bed thinking I couldn’t see him behind the mound of clothes. Doh!

It was good to get some fresh air this morning albeit in minus temperatures. The dogs managed to crack every iced over puddle on the walk in a ‘don’t look before you leap’ kind of way. When Harvey was well and truly puffed out retrieving tennis balls he decided to lay down in a cool muddy puddle, as you do. They could hardly believe their luck when we stopped for a second walk, which was actually a cunning rinse and blow dry!


3 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I need to desperately declutter, last year i tried the ?Konmari method (the ‘hold it up and does it give you joy’ method) to some success. Mainly due to a lot of things not giving my an iota of joy but having to stay due to their very essential/useful/un-replaceable status … hmff still seem to have an awful lot of ‘stuff’.
    Our dog also goes for that ‘hell-for-leather’ style of walking and puddle bashing – then comes back filthy but very happy 🙂


    • I knew someone would know what that decluttering philosophy was! It definitely has short comings when it comes to useful stuff but then I haven’t read the book so I can’t really say. I know that there’s only room for one hobby in this house and it’s going to have to be yarn related! As for dogs and mud… it isn’t a proper walk if they come back clean! 🐶🐶


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