I know, I know, it’s bright and I don’t do bright! At least I don’t do anything bright for myself. Cute little kids however, deserve rainbows and carnivals. This yarn happens to be called Carnival (in the Sydney colour way). I don’t think I could have found a brighter yarn.

I’ve had to put down my stocking stitch baby leg warmers for the time being. These pesky wrists, I don’t understand how two needles causes pain when one hook doesn’t. It must be a totally different movement. Panic sets in when I knit too much and I worry that I won’t be able to crochet either, so just to be sure I had to pick up a crochet project and this little Ermeline jacket caught my eye. It’s by Sylvie Damey over at The pattern is available on Ravelry and LoveCrochet too.

It’s a clever design (so far!) working from the top of the hood down and continuing with the yoke style top of the cardigan, leaving arm holes to come back to. A granny triangle at each side gives the jacket a flared shape. Chunky yarn and trebles work up so quickly, it’s beginning to look a lot more like a cardigan (and less like a wizard’s hat) in the few hours since I took the above photo’s.

I’ve no idea whether the intended recipient will like it, but I do know that it would have passed E’s strict clothing criteria (aged six) on account of having a decent amount of purple involved. In fact I think she’d wear an adult version with no persuasion at all. We like pointy hoods! In fact we both own a pointy hood chunky cardigan already but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of being able to choose your own yarn and create your own is there? I may be getting ahead of myself here. Two year old’s version to be completed first!

Riley and I are practising Hygge this evening. Flickering candles, crochet shawls round our shoulders to keep the draughts at bay, oh wait, that’s only Riley. Harvey is keeping M company whilst he hangs the last few sheets of lining paper up in our bedroom. The novelty of having plain white walls after living with disgusting wallpaper for so long is huge! I had totally under estimated how therapeutic it would be to wake up to such visual calm.


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