I’m taking the dogs out a little earlier than usual. The ground is still frozen solid mostly, or at least a little crunchy. It means less mud in my jeep and less mud in the house. I wouldn’t have recommended a swim in these temperatures but this morning Riley spotted a bright metallic blue foil balloon snagged on the branches overhanging the river and decided he would investigate. Good grief that just have been seriously cold! Harvey had more sense.

The Ermeline cardigan is now looking a little strange. I should really have listened to my gut feeling about the triangles and ignored the instructions to do a raised dc seam on the outside. I like the look of the inside much better, but it has rounds and rounds of border stitches now and it’s too late to change anything. Perhaps a light pressing will make them flare out more smoothly. Although I made the granny triangles to the exact dimension given if I made a second cardigan I think I would make them quite a bit smaller and pull them tight to fit the space. Although the photo doesn’t show this they tend to hang like an inset panel anyway so I think I’ve got away with it this time.

There is another row of border according to the pattern but I quite like the edging in the dark plum colour so I may omit that last row. Sleeves and tab fastenings will be the last two things to do. Oh, and most definitely a tiny pom pom to trim the pixie hood.

It’s been an incredibly easy crochet project. If the granny triangles look odd there is always the option of ignoring the instructions for dividing the bottom half into three sections, and adding in a few increases for a little bit of flare. I’m also trying to imagine the garment in a plain pure wool yarn with a few carefully chosen contrast colours for the granny triangles. If only my chunky supplies were as plentiful as my Aran supplies!

Talking of which, E left a favourite hat on a bus somewhere in Leeds at the weekend. She leaves stuff all over the house so it was only a matter of time before she left something on a bus or a train. I’m just relieved it wasn’t something more valuable. She came home and googled crochet hat patterns and even though we were sitting in the same room watching tv up popped a message on my iPad… can you make one of these for me please? 🙂 It was a chunky hat with post trebles and I do like working with those so I was happy to oblige. Yarn was chosen and the hat was made in one evening, and worn to work this morning (hence no photo). A little later another message popped up, ‘and while you’re at it, how about one of these?’ The answer was a definite NO! It was a heavily cabled dark green cardigan knitted in 4-ply! Who would put themselves through that much grief? Not I.


4 thoughts on “Ermeline/2

  1. The jacket is so sweet and done in lovely colours J. It’s a shame E lost her hat. I certainly wouldn’t be making a sweater or cardigan in 4ply☺


  2. I have a son who leaves hats around or gives them to the latest girl….I must have made him at least 5 or 6 during his sojourn at senior school … he often drops the request for another in a casual conversation so I am almost lulled into a false sense of security then I hear me promising him another hat/beanie/scarf/mitts …. I have not learnt yet….


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