The return of the boggy fields! Ugh. We got seriously muddy this morning. I must confess to chucking a small stick into the river for the dogs to fetch and then quickly shouting, this way, this way, to get them out again and into the boot of my jeep. There’s only so much my washing machine can take in the way of muddy blankets. H and R huddled under a thick dry blanket on the short drive home. H has always been a quivering shaky shivering kind and R who has far less meat on him and fur come to that, takes the cold like a man. Both are warm and dry and snuggled up in/on their single duvets folded four times in their beds next to a radiator. Life isn’t too bad.

My days would be very long without this major dog walking operation. At least half a day is taken up getting ready for, going out with and dealing with the aftermath of our daily dog walks. I guess I would feel lost without them but I do keep telling M that we shouldn’t have any more dogs after these two. He kind of looks away and puts his hands up to his ears and says, sssh, they’ll hear you!

We’ve only had Riley for two or three years. He came from a home that left him for very long periods of time in the day. He’s still anxious when he’s left but at least he has Harvey for company. He is exceptionally good at alerting me to anything that’s going on around the house, indoors or out, that I might not hear. Last week he kept looking right at me and then trotting into E’s bedroom. I assumed he was hearing one of the roborovskis making noise but he kept trotting back and forward between me and the bedroom until eventually I got up and went with him. He led me straight to E’s bedside table. I picked her clock up and could feel the alarm going off. I gave Riley lots of praise but really he was probably thinking, thank goodness that racket has stopped! It reminds me of when I first lived alone and I was trying to work out the oven timer. I gave up on it but two weeks later Mum visited, walked in and said, oh my goodness, what is that noise? Turns out the oven alarm had been going off for two whole weeks! Neither of my Springers at the time paid any attention to it!

So, here’s the replacement hat that E requested. She may have thought it looked nice and thick and warm in the pattern photo but post trebles have a way of creating gaps. She loved the end result and I sewed a strip of fleece inside the hat to make it extra warm. I hate sewing and the fleece was thick which made it fit a bit more snugly than before but overall it worked and she will be snug once more during playground duty!

The pattern is a free one by Bernat. It’s called the Stepping Texture Hat. I wonder which genius dreamt that name up? I came right out of my comfort zone to make this. I’ve never been a big fan of picking up stitches, whether knitting or crochet. The ribbed band is made first which is a great idea in some ways because you can get a good fit, but picking up stitches is an uneven science that I prefer to avoid. The front and back post trebles were simple enough and in chunky yarn it was just a one evening project. In fact someone at work noticed E’s new hat and she proudly said, yes my mum made it last night. Apparently this colleague was totally amazed that you could make a hat in one evening. She obviously hasn’t lived!


3 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. I love the hat Juanita, it looks great! Morgan has had to be rinsed off every day for weeks because she gets so muddy when we walk. There have been one or two frosty days when she’s stayed clean but they’re few and far between 😆


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