It’s dropped to minus three here in Lincolnshire. I’d quite like a sprinkling of snow just to see the dogs run around, noses to the ground, making sense of it all. I love seeing all the tracks made by wildlife, it’s like being let in on the secret that dogs already know by smell. M and I once caught an early slow train from Lincoln just for a random day out. It had snowed quite a bit the night before and it was the most fascinating journey seeing the countryside crisscrossed with deer, rabbit, bird and goodness knows what else prints in the snow. Not only that but in those remote fields the animals showed up in daylight more easily than they would normally have done. I didn’t read a single word of my book nor complete a single stitch of my crochet for the entire two hours there and two hours back!

For now though it’s just bitterly cold with a wind chill factor and no sign of sunshine at all. The perfect weather for hurrying back from a dog walk and getting on with woolly stuff. The Ermeline jacket is finished! I usually procrastinate when it comes to final touches like buttons because they can’t be crocheted on! I found the perfect buttons in my button tin (they happened to have been a gift from a lovely friend, thanks D!) and sewed two to the fixed side and two for the working button side.

The pattern is by Sylvie Damey over at Chez Plum and there are adult versions too! In fact there are several variations to choose from. I’m sure they are as easy to follow as this child version has been and with scope to make it your own. The Ermeline jacket has sizes up to 8 years old which makes it a good value pattern. I can see myself making more of these. Obviously chunky yarn doesn’t have as much yardage as lighter weights so for the two year old size I used most of the three balls of Carnival and only a small amount of the contrast plain colour. This was a little more expensive than most of the two year old cardigans I’ve made before but it’s a lot more cardigan! There are cheaper chunky yarns. I imagine it would look great in a tweedy yarn.

As you can see Riley is trying to persuade me not to crochet at all this afternoon, he says he’d prefer a tummy rub and games with his ball on a rope instead. Harvey has overdone things again and aggravated his front shoulder injury. He doesn’t like Riley to be near him when he’s feeling vulnerable. Basic animal instinct I think. He’s retreated to his bed in the kitchen but he’s still getting a lot of fuss from me just to keep things even.


2 thoughts on “Finished

  1. I went looking for the Ermeline pattern when you talked about it last as I could not visualise the finished product now your final photos do it justice and it looks lovely – my favourite colours too 🙂 It looks like it is going to be lovely and warm 🙂


    • Funny you should say that, I did get a few comments here, as I was making, things like, ‘what on earth is that?’ The proof of the pudding will be whether it looks ok on, I’ve got now two year old models to try it out for me other than the recipient who lives a couple of hundred miles away! I’ll be sure to get a photo though! 😁


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