What is it about hats that gets my vote very time? I’m clearly in the middle of another phase of hat making. Watch this space! There may well be more hats. E’s Stepping Texture Hat was a success but it didn’t make a particularly thick fabric so we added a fleece liner. The Textured Weave Hat was actually less of a success when I think of all the adjustments I had to make to get it to work; I was bang on gauge when I’d completed however many rounds I was supposed to get to 6″ or whatever it specified and yet with the continuation of the rounds it was obvious it was going to be far too big so I decreased at evenly spaced locations in a few rows and kept trying it on until it eventually fit. This left me slightly unimpressed with the pattern.

This latest pattern caught my eye because it isn’t so obviously a crochet hat. Not that I’m not proud to advertise the crochet cause! It sort of looks like blackberry stitch (is that the one?) or moss stitch maybe. It does require some concentration when you get to the part where you need to treble into post stitches and post stitch into trebles. Post stitches into dc height stitches are also a bit of a faff but that creates the decorative band which is supposed to look a bit like fair isle (I’m not sure it does but I still like it). Quite honestly you could do a round of anything you like here, puff stitches bobbles, crossed post stitches, clusters, whatever you fancy as long as you keep the stitch count correct.

Talking of which, the pattern isn’t a PDF and it really helps if you scroll down to the size that you are trying to make rather than the size smaller which isn’t as far down! Doh! My fault for trying to watch a George Clooney movie at the same time. George is rather distracting! Despite the fact that I only increased the crown to a diameter of 6″ and then worked straight sides it seems to be an ideal fit and I don’t think my head is on the small size. I’m going to ignore the final edging instructions and do a post treble ribbed thing, about three or four rounds should do it. I added a bit of height to it too, I like a slight amount of slouch.

I really ought to keep a crochet diary or scrapbook with notes because I’m sure I will be returning to this pattern again and will have forgotten which hooks I used and the adjustments (and lucky mistakes) I made. There are instructions for hats from 3 months old once again, which is always handy. I liked the fact that it uses light worsted or dk which I have a plentiful supply of. Even with all the post trebles it has used nowhere near a full 100g ball and yet it seems thick and warm.

I thought I’d contribute to the tasty food M has been rustling up this week. I would rather be crocheting quite honestly so my idea of baking is emptying a few things into the bread maker and getting a good two hours worth of hat making done before the men return from cricket training. The house smells like an estate agent’s dream and I’ll soon be sampling my gluten free crusty loaf!

Actually I’m not as lazy as that all sounds. This morning I’ve also scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom, including annoying little areas of limescale around the shower with an old toothbrush. I’m processing disgusting P.E. kit caked with mud from J’s cross country run on Friday and the kitchen floor has been swept, mopped and disinfected with something extremely lemony. In the interests of ‘keeping it real’ I should mention the festering, damp old dog quilts in the back of my car that require me to open the car doors a good half an hour before driving anywhere because they smell quite strong. Also the mountains of junk from our bedroom piled high in the dining room with dog hair priairie dust balls rolling around them. At least the kitchen and bathroom are clean and the house smells of freshly baked bread! Go Sunday!


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