No cute dog photos today. I’m simply not feeling the love! Don’t worry, I’m sure that won’t last long, Riley has only to flutter his eyelashes and all will be forgiven. They go out for an early run round the back garden and fields beyond while I’m slowly brewing the first tea of the day. (I’m not a morning person). When they returned today they were particularly muddy so I put our mobile dog gate across the back door area where they are perfectly used to drying off for short periods of time. They have water, an old rug and warm towels on top of that. From there they get a foot bath in the butler sink. Then they get a bonio for their patience. Only, silly me, this morning I decided we’d go for an earlier walk and bypass the morning foot bath in favour of a dip in the river. While I was getting ready it seems Riley had other ideas.

Harvey is too well behaved to contemplate knocking a gate down for freedom. Riley on the other hand had a rougher start to life and so he is extremely clingy. He once shut himself in the bathroom by accident shortly after he came to live with us. I was only gone for half an hour but he did a very good job of shredding the bathroom door in an attempt to get out. So this morning he shoved the gate, knocked over the water, added lumps of sticky mud to the mix and then paraded up and down the kitchen to ensure an even spread. It was quite a sight. Even better, they both then curled up in their freshly washed duvets. Perfect. I’m still wondering why I bothered spending a good chunk of my Sunday morning cleaning the kitchen floor.

The men returned from cricket training yesterday and took over the tv for football. I loathe football with a passion so I can’t stand to be in the same room when a match is on. We are planning on putting a comfy leather armchair of some description in our newly decorated bedroom so I’ll be quite happy to hang out there during Sunday football viewing. For the  time being though it is cosy enough to crochet with all my bits and pieces laid out on the bed and the large mug of coffee that M always makes. I totally milk the ‘you’ve turfed me out of my living room to watch football guilt trip’ that M sets himself up for. He doesn’t know that I don’t actually mind having a few hours to myself! Roll on cricket season, I do quite enjoy watching the T20’s.

The latest hat is now finished with the addition of a ribbed band. Raised trebles used in this way are everywhere on the internet, it’s obviously nothing new, but it was new to me. It requires concentration but it’s well worth it. I’ve written a tag with the name of the hat, the hook sizes, yarn type and amount, adjustments noted on the back. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this tag yet but I know it will come in handy if I decide to make another one.

That hat pattern is a free one by CrochetZone. It’s called the Knock Around Hat (just noticed I will have to amend my tag!)  It calls for light worsted which I think is DK in British terms. Sizes from 3 months up to adult.


In order to try and avoid making more hats I think I’d better have one of those long book browsing sessions. The type where I surround myself with my entire crochet book collection, spend hours looking through them and then end up making a hat from a pattern on the internet!

Rather mysteriously my entire list of bookmarked sites (all of my favourite blogs) has disappeared from my iPad. It’s extremely annoying! I could accept the loss and go about rebuilding it from memory but it won’t let me save new bookmarks. M is usually pretty good at fixing things like this but he’s flummoxed this time. It means my blog reading will be on hold until I figure out how to get them back or how to start again. Technology eh? I love that an emoji comes up when you type flummoxed, a choice of two in fact; 😶 😲.


One thought on “Flummoxed

  1. I like the hats you’ve made recently. They’ve had great texture to them. Isn’t it odd how Riley decided th o escape the day after you’d washed the floor? Maybe he doesn’t like clean floors and bedding.
    I love the daffs you have. Yellow flowers are so jolly and always lift my spirits. I haven’t seen any when I’ve been shopping so I’ll keep an eye out for some.


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