M and I are working in complete harmony with this bedroom project. He miraculously needs to go to B&Q every single morning that he’s not working an early assignment. I need coffee every single morning. See? Harmony. The only down side is that I’m seriously sick of B&Q.

Today we picked up the final bucket of white paint needed to finish the ceiling. I can’t be doing with paint charts, tester pots and difficult decisions so I’ve kept it simple and we are sticking to white. I’m never sure whether M is joking when he suggests buttermilk or magnolia. I have after all, been trying to eradicate every single last trace of his dubious taste from the building over the last ten years and that includes an awful lot of magnolia paint and mahogany wood stain! Yesterday I painted over the last of the mahogany windowsills, a major milestone!

We made a quick coffee stop in the Bailgate area of Lincoln and kept it local by choosing Stokes coffee. This cathedral area is absolutely teaming with tourists in the summer so it’s always nice when it’s deserted. There are some nice, small, independent shops in the Bailgate area but (in my humble opinion) it could really do with a small yarn shop!

Harvey added a bit of charcoal to his diet today. He chose his stick of the day from a burnt out campfire and got a nice black tongue for his troubles. It can’t have tasted all that great because he drank half a puddle on the way back to the car. The main river was dangerously high and fast flowing but the dogs seemed to understand that. One of the smaller ditches that is usually dry had nice clear water flowing through and wasn’t too deep so they had a bit of a rinse off in there. Riley wasn’t sure about rivers and streams when we first had him but now he loves water. If it’s a small narrow stream he will just run up and down like a mad thing. Harvey prefers a bit more purpose; a ball or a stick to retrieve, and if it’s in or over water, all the better.

Yarn wise I’ve picked up the knitting again. I’d like to get these baby items in the post soon so I’m doing ten minutes here and there. The leg warmers are so small they fit in the palm of my hand. As I’m knitting I’m wondering whether it’s possible to achieve a similarly nice look and drape with a crochet version. It might be worth trying because they make a lovely gift set with the hat in simple stripes.


One thought on “Harmony

  1. The little leg warmers and hat set is so sweet. The twins will look adorable in them. Harvey looks very happy with his black tongue even if the charcoal didn’t taste too good🐶


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