It’s tricky coming from a family that never sits still, is always on the go, never puts off until tomorrow what can be done today…it means that I feel guilty when I finally slump into a chair at 3 or 4pm (much later if it’s summer with more daylight hours). Today I am consciously trying to take it slowly. In fact I could start a slow Saturday or slow Sunday trend in this household, except it’ll be me that struggles with that concept.

M is more of a ‘let’s do it tomorrow’ type and frustratingly tomorrow never comes. Though lately I’ve been amazed at his sudden burst of energetic decorating and to be fair, he has done the lion’s share of the painting. It’s taken ten long years but I think he’s finally coming round to my taste in home decor! Less is more.

I’ve been rummaging through my yarn supplies again and came across these Jacobs skeins that I bought last time we spent a few days in a shepherds hut, somewhere in the Dales. The smell is divine. I’ve no idea what to make with them but I’m determined to find something. Browsing for inspiration is almost as enjoyable as actually crocheting and ideal for slow weekend activity.

I purchased the first issue of Koel magazine recently. The second has since been published. It’s definitely my kind of magazine; crochet, interiors, macrame, embroidery, weaving, travel. I’ve written before about macrame and how grateful I am to the home economics teacher who kicked me out of sewing classes and gave me a large cone of string and a ‘how to’ book. I’d rather macrame than sew any day of the week. 

There’s also rug making inspiration. I have all the tools and some supplies, it’s just finding time to squeeze it in between crochet sessions. A big sort out of my craft cupboard resulted in pulling together all relevant supplies and storing them in a separate box. I’m now much more likely to get started with a small rug project. The frog latch hook cushion front belongs to E, purchased when she was about nine (ten years ago!) It’s so close to being finished and it’ll be a nice easy reminder of how to work the latch hook. I really don’t fancy turning it into a cushion after that but I know someone who might 😉. I can’t be sure whether Riley just liked the soft furry surface or whether he was casually eyeing up the wooden tool handle as a potential chewing item!

J is alternating between homework and Xbox today. Nothing new there. M opened his bedroom door this morning and said, in a raised voice, ‘I’m totally done with you now boy! How dare you!’ J looked a bit bewildered. M went on, ‘How dare you grow up. Now that you’re sixteen I can’t get free coffee at IKEA with a family card, so you can jolly well leave home and we’ll adopt a new child!’ J just shrugged in true J style and said, ‘yep, fair enough!’

E emailed me the ‘homework’ that one of her class gave her on Friday. On the front it says My Homework because she wanted to give E something but was too embarrrassed for it to just be a picture. Apparently E is ‘the best teecher in the hole wild world!‘ Clearly not if their spelling and grammar is that atrocious! It did bring a lump to E’s throat though. She’ll be very emotional when her year there is up. Lately I think she’s been quite thankful she has a creative Mum and therefore has all sorts of valuable craft knowledge. She’s finding it helps enormously with the age group she is teaching, which is key stage one. It also helps divert a major crisis when a six year old comes to you with a broken off plastic gem from a hair slide that she only made the night before. E knew that it was a glue gun or nothing solution so she did a swift repair in her lunch break and was told, ‘you’ve just totally saved my life Miss’.


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