I’ve been a bit under the weather this week. Nothing serious, just a succession of days that feel like flu is on the way but it hasn’t developed into anything major, thank goodness. J has a horrible cough and cold so maybe I’ve been fighting off his germs, either way I’ve not been up to doing as much as usual. I’ve spent a chunk of each morning taking porridge and tea back to bed and easing myself into the day very slowly.

Today though, I could stand it no longer and although my legs felt like jelly I decided to do a bracing and strengthening walk down to the lake with the dogs. It was great to be out in the fresh air but I was very grateful for the lakeside benches. Harvey and Riley decided to take a dip even though it is extremely cold today and we’ve had fine snow flakes swirling about. They are shivering under warm towels in their beds next to a warm radiator so hopefully no harm done.

I picked up one of the American crochet magazines in our independent newsagent/stationery shop last week. I thought the Aran style jumper might be a nice project to do to go with the little bear I made at the beginning of the year with his own Aran jumper (he still hasn’t got trousers!) On the dark blocking board you can see it looks quite holey but it’s not so bad when it’s not against a dark background, even so it is an annoying feature of cables that I’ll just have to live with. It’s also turning out quite a bit bigger than I’d like so it may have to be tucked away for a year until a certain someone has grown a bit! That’ll give me time to make a whole wardrobe of little clothes for the bear.

I should really have written down the UK equivalents before I started making this jumper. I can usually work it out in my head as I go but I had to think long and hard about how many times to do the yarn overs for the u.s. Fpdtr. I think I’m correct in assuming it’s a u.k. triple treble. I wrapped the yarn round three times for these and it all seems to have worked out. In fact it looks like such a simple construction I could probably adjust the trebles and make a smaller version.

The back of the jumper is plain but the sleeves are cabled, so it’s just enough detail not to get bored. I would have liked to use an off white yarn with a subtle fleck but decided to stash bust instead. The pattern specifies 300g which is exactly the amount I have in this colour so hopefully that’ll be accurate. I may add cables pockets if there’s enough yarn leftover. E always loved to carry round a tiny plastic dog if she had a suitable pocket. J would store stubby little pencils and rubber wheels from matchbox cars in his pockets, don’t ask!


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