There was a beautiful covering of snow this morning. All gone by mid morning. Boo. Errands and household chores were dealt with as swiftly as possible. I’ve got fresh bread baking smells in the kitchen and alpine scent filling the living room in an attempt to lessen the damp dog smell!

The Aran jumper is working up very quickly. I’ve started thinking about what I might make next. There’s never an organised plan. Projects happen according to mood and whatever inspiration comes my way. I feel a bit frustrated that my crochet books are in crates waiting for the new bedroom shelving. There’s a nook behind the door to the right of a redundant chimney breast. We’ve got just enough of the reclaimed planks we used for the top of our kitchen island to make six chunky shelves in that spot. I’ve got to be patient and wait for the wooden floor to be laid first.

After the Ermeline cardigan I started thinking about making a top down cardigan for myself. There are plenty of patterns out there for such a garment but I really wanted to learn how to do the calculations involved in starting something off no matter what yarn weight. That information seems harder to pick up on the internet, unless of course I didn’t look hard enough! Anyway, the search led me to a book that looks like it will be really helpful. I’ll do a future post about that soon.

My plan is to raid my supplies of Aran weight yarn and attempt a very randomly coloured top down cardigan as a prototype before investing in specific yarn. Once upon a time I’d have thought this a daft and time consuming approach but now of course I realise this is a hobby that is here to stay so I may as well enjoy the creative process!

It’s finally warm and cosy here (the radiators have been turned up and the fire is helping). Candles are glowing as it gets darker. I have crochet to my left, Riley to my right. My daily serving of dark chocolate chunks. Proper tea brewing. Life isn’t bad but I wouldn’t say no to a week in warmer climes right now!


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