I’m just ignoring the fact that the whole house is in a high level of disorder due to the revamping of one bedroom. I’m ignoring the fact that I’ve got two sleeves to crochet to complete a jumper. I’ve got this nagging little voice that is telling me to finish the last baby leg warmer and get the whole thing wrapped and off to the post office. However, I just had to give this new loom a quick try. Phhhtt! There’s nothing quick about weaving, especially when you spend large chunks of time unravelling sections!

I recently tagged along when M had a police job to do. When he checked the location on google maps he noticed there was a Hobbycraft within walking distance and very thoughtfully asked if I’d like to spend an hour there. Does the pope pray? I went along with rug backing in mind and came home with a weaving loom! It’s only a child’s loom, the Melissa & Doug brand but it’s a good size and pretty reasonable at £15. It seems to be double that price elsewhere. It caught my eye because it’s about the size of weaving I’d like for the wall above my bureau. The weaving area is about 15 x 18 inches and it comes with two dowels that can be used to partition areas off.

I’ve had to look up the basics online and in a tatty old book from the seventies. I started off with total disregard for sheds and soon ran into shape meeting problems. Let’s just say I’ve undone more than I’ve redone at this stage! I’ve also rejigged the set up with a wood offcut to offset the front and back warps. I have no idea what these are called but I’m sure they have a special name. Indeed I have a flashy complicated looking one in the vintage German one I picked up yesterday in a junk/antique place.

M hates this antique centre with a passion but can sometimes be persuaded to browse if I name a specific item that we need. So I said that I’d like a pair of battered old metal pendant shades for the bedroom and he was happy to go. I spotted some lovely old wooden stepladders, examined the tags and commented that they were usually much more expensive. This nearly ruined the whole trip. He was simply confused as to why I even looked at them. I looked because we could do with a proper stepladder but he was ‘thrown’ because he thought we were there for light shades. It must be a man thing.

We didn’t find light shades but I did manage to purchase the vintage loom and a large deep aluminium bowl which is just what I had in mind for when M has finished building the teardrop trailer. We don’t want to overload the weight of it with heavy camping equipment and I want to keep a vintage look, so the bowl will be ideal for washing dishes or faces. Since the summer and any thoughts of camping are some way off yet I’m putting the bowl to good use and filling it with random yarn leftovers which are suitable for weaving. The loom was £8 and the bowl was £6. I’m sure I would have found some more bargains if I’d been browsing on my own!

The German loom looks slightly more suitable for finer weaving. I think I’ll stick to the m&d one until I’m a bit more knowledgeable. Th vintage one came with three shuttles which are very handy and better than the chunky wooden sewing needle that came with the children’s loom. After I’d unravelled yet another attempt M decided to take me down to Waterstones and buy a more up to date book. It’s now on order and will arrive in two days but we had a lovely chat with the woman there who was also interested in having a go at ‘modern weaving’. I was glad to know it wasn’t just me that does these mad and random crafts!


2 thoughts on “Weaving

  1. I can appreciate and love hand crafted woven items, but I have to steel myself away from trying another craft! So I shall watch your progress with envy!


    • I don’t think there is going to be anything worth envy for quite a while! It’s up there with Tunisian crochet at the moment… seemed like a good idea at the time! I’m a bit more determined with weaving though so fingers crossed 🤞


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