About a month ago there were slightly odd conversations about flowers. If it had been my birthday I’d have twigged but Valentines Day was a million miles from my thoughts. I tactfully said that when it comes to flowers I prefer bunches of the same flower rather than a mixed bouquet. I’m astounded that piece of information got stored and saved for today. It was a lovely surprise, especially since M is away this week on a court job in London. If he’d been home I might well have received a mixed bouquet since our local florist seems to specialise in these. I probably sound ungrateful but there’s something about them that reminds me of funerals.

I was under strict orders not to take the dogs out until the special delivery had been made. They were beside themselves with excitement when I finally set about changing into my muddy jeans and thick socks. Just putting a jumper on in front of them causes them to start break dancing. Today’s walk was absolutely fantastic! Nothing new, nowhere different, but the big blue sky and sunshine, happy days! About half way round it felt like t shirt weather. On the way there I spotted several sets of grandparents with primary school age grandchildren just taking a countryside walk. Sticks were being swished, horses being pointed out, puddles being splashed in. I would have bribed J into coming out with me today but his hacking cough shows no signs of letting up. He’s managed long lie ins so far this week which can only be good for him.

I drive to a quiet spot just outside our village, through a couple of hamlets. There’s no need for leads and we rarely meet a soul. The downside is that Riley finds fox poo nearly every time. A quick dip in that small stream didn’t get to the back of his neck today so it was hot showers all round when we got back. Riley first, and then I thought I might as well have two dogs smelling of Sanex for Men shower gel rather than one and the other smelling of stagnant pond. They smell wonderful and they know it! It makes a nice change to have them smelling pleasant while I crochet this afternoon.

This sleeve looks enormous doesn’t it? I’m thinking that maybe this pattern was written in the eighties when batwings were all the rage. Mind you, it doesn’t look too bad once folded in half and held up against the rest of the jumper. If I were to make another one of these I would definitely use a slightly fluffier yarn. Stylecraft does an alpaca mix in dk which isn’t at all awkward to work with and would probably create a garment with less prominent stitch definition. I think that would be a bonus for this jumper and might fluff over some of the holes round the cable areas too. I might give that a go if this currrent one works out ok. I’ve got a short break coming up, nowhere exotic, it would be a good travel project since the pattern is easy to remember after setting up the first few rows.


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